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queer_bait ([personal profile] queer_bait) wrote2011-05-22 04:42 pm
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DC's gay heroes need love, too!

My only reason for creating a dreamwidth account is because I feel many gay characters are being underrepresented in the deep, dark, dorky underworld of obsessive fan sites. That may not be the case within the Marvel universe due to attention garnered by Shatterstar and Rictor, Wiccan and the Hulkling--but DC heroes such as Starman III/Mikaal Tomas, Tasmanian Devil/Hugh Dawkins, and Obsidian/Todd Rice are essentially kicked to the sidelines. There are no scans specifically of Starman III and he doesn't even have a tag yet even though he was recently accepted into the Justice League as a major character.

That is where I come in. My deep-dark-dorky-not-having-a-life self can contribute and fill the void for the enjoyment of other obsessive, gay hero loving fans. All 77 of us.

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